Bad Beat of the day - 5th March '09

I'm getting really f**ked off at the number of times I get sucked out on at the moment, so to show I'm not just a whinger I'm going to start posting these hands to show it's not just me.

Here's today's:

Titan Poker Toronto 20/40, hand converted by the iPoker Converter ( at Talking-Poker (

Button christy12345 (1540)
SB CammyMc (1340)
BB MaxxCarjuzaa (1500)
UTG ordinarymark3 (860)
UTG+1 ETMtl (1490)
MP Ronny33 (3080)
MP LadyRI (1460)
CO-1 dilirius (1010)
CO jc3mars (2720)

Preflop: ordinarymark3 is UTG with 8s 8c
ordinarymark3 raises to 120, 1 fold, Ronny33 calls 120, 2 folds, jc3mars calls 120, 3 folds.

Flop (420) Kc 5s Kh
ordinarymark3 bets 120, 1 fold, jc3mars raises to 320, ordinarymark3 raises to 740, jc3mars calls 420.

Turn (2020) 6h

River (2020) 2c

ordinarymark3 shows 8s 8c
jc3mars shows 5c 5h

jc3mars wins 2020 with A full house, Fives and Kings