Favourite Songs of the moment

A bit of randomness here.

Been listening to a bit of music recently and there is one album and a couple of other tracks at the moment that I like and keep coming back to.

The two tracks are:

Suzanne Vega - No Cheap Trill (from the album Nine Objects of Desire), and

Eliza Carthy - Oranges and Seasalt (from the album Dreams of Breathing Underwater)

The album is the Camp Rock Soundtrack Album! (I think I'm becoming a Disney addict!)

With the Suzanne Vega track, have loved the album and the song since the first time I heard it a few years ago and the song No Cheap Trill now has added meaning for me as it is a song about poker, which I now play (I didn't realise it was about poker initially until I saw the video for it on Youtube).

The Eliza Carthy song I came across on last.fm and I think it great due to the fact that it is a modern song with a old style tune to it.

The Camp Rock soundtrack I like as although the film has the word 'Rock' in it, the soundtrack shows that there was more that Rock music that was used in the film (that and the fact this is a bit of a feel good film, which is nice given the problems of the world at the moment).