WBCOOP Event 6 - Bah! Humbug!

After a relatively successful run in Event 1 of the WBCOOP, I was looking forward to another good run in Event 6 on Saturday night (had to swap to Event 6 instead of the Main Event due to work shifts).

Managed to chip up during the first hour or so and managed to reach the first break with a good chip stack (albeit slightly below the average stack at that point). Carried on build my stack slowly and managed to out last the dead stacks on the tournament.

Unfortunately that is about as good as it got.

Not long after the dead stacks got blinded out, I finally hit a decent hand, not just a decent hand but the best starting hand in Hold'em, Pocket Aces. Not only that but after my initial raise, I had someone re-raise me, someone with a bigger stack than I had. Brilliant. Fantastic. So I shove all-in and he calls and turns over AJo. I couldn't believe it. I was practically assured of a double up, which would've meant I was sure to get another ticket of some value as we weren't too far from the prize places at that point.

Running the hand through the odds calculator at Pokernews.com shows that I was a 91% favourite to win the hand. I don't think you can get better odds to win a hand pre-flop than that.

God on the other hand had other ideas.

The flop came down all Clubs. This was a worry as my opponent was holding the Ace of Clubs.

OK. Scary flop, but still a 63% favourite to win the hand. Until the Turn card.

Another Club!!!!

At that point I was drawing dead and out of the tournament. Unbelievable.

Oh well. I'll have to console myself with the prize from Event 1 and look forward to having a go when the SCOOP comes along in the next couple of months.